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This selection, bred from the variety 'Hayward', has kept its parent's abundant fruiting capacity but is AUTOFERTILE. 

There is no need to plant a male and a female to get fruit - one plant is enough.
This climber has large heart-shaped leaves and long, vigorous but only slightly twining shoots that can grow several metres in a season.

In May and June the previous years' growth bears white flowers that turn orange in full bloom.
In November bunches of kiwi fruit form. Once well established (from the third year) the plant gives plentiful average sized fruits, slightly smaller than those from the variety 'Hayward'. They are sweet and juicy and rich in vitamins. They should be picked after the first frost and can be kept until the following March.

ACTINIDIA Solissimo® at plandorex.comThe branches of SOLISSIMO ® need to be attached to a trellis or a pergola - the dense foliage makes excellent summer shade. The adult size of the plant is determined by the pruning technique. Cut back in winter (before the end of January in warmer regions) the previous season's fruit-bearing stems to 3 or 4 eyes. In summer, reduce any young or long new growth.

Height :            5.00m and +
Growth:           Quick
Location:         Sun

ACTINIDIA Solissimo® at plandorex.comACTINIDIA Solissimo® at plandorex.comACTINIDIA Solissimo® at

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