From the numerous noble plant families available, some are seen more than others in our production.

Over the years and, as a result of variuos creations, we can propose a number of strong varieties.

These specialties are shown in the following families.


The Potentilla collection


Demanding little care and attention, and flowering abundantly, the Potentillas are becoming a very popular garden plant. The choice of colour is also large.


The Hydrangeas collection


More an more appriciated by consumers, the Hydrangeas are abundant in unique ornemental qualities.

The Clematis Collection

The clematis form a family consisting of various species.

Larged flower cultivars

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The Canadian Rose collection

These roses are known for their exceptional frost resistance. When produced from cuttings they are even more frost resistant because they do not have a weakness at the grafting point.
Developed by the Canadians after the 60's, to obtain a range of roses suitable for their climate, these plants are also used in Europe for their ornamental qualities.
In fact, these are roses which require little care and attention, are resistant to the diseases Oidium and Marsonia, and also flower abundantly.
Whilst demonstrating a wilder appearance, certain varieties resemble the more stiking European selection.

The Cotinus Collection


The smoke tree shows magnificient variation of foliage and flowers.


The Passiflora collection



There are a large number of varieties within this family.


Meeting an increasing demand, berries are the stars of our gardens.

We offer a wide range in the classical berries:


Ribes Nigrum
Ribes Rubrum
Ribes Uva crispa
Rubus Fruticosus
Rubus Iadeus



Our specialities : with a great choice of varieties.

Actinidia : Golden delight, Hayward, Solo, Solissimo®, Tomuri
Ficus carica : Bellone, Brown turkey, Dauphine, Dottato, Gentil bianco, ....
: Black hambourg, Cabernet, Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnet, Chasselas, Lakmont, Pinot, Riesling, Muscat, ...

The lastest ones : Little common.

Called super-fruit, they are asked by the cosumer for their nutrive effects.

Lycium barbanum:  Wolf berry