Weigela Magical® Rainbow at Plandorex.comThe « rainbow » foliage is very original: green with a wide yellow border and dark pink tints which develop during summer.

Lagerstroemia Braise d'été® Indybra at plandorex.com

I NDIYA CHARMS ® range of Lagerstroemia varieties are remarkable for the precocity and quality of their flowering, more suited for mild summers.

Weigela Magical® Rainbow at Plandorex.comLeaves are opposite, evergreen to semi-evergreen and particularly attractive for their variegation.

gardenia Crown jewel® at plandorex.comNative to South Carolina, ‘Crown Jewel’ is a selection of Gardenia with a cold tolerance down to - 10° which can be lower according to planting conditions.

Acer Hana Matoi® at Plandorex.comHana Matoi is the first variegated Japanese Maple with lace type leaves having excellent form.

Salvia Bleu Armor® at plandorex.comWith its flowers, up to 20cm long, and its vivid blue blooming, Bleu Armor is really remarkable.

Hydrangea Diamant Rouge® at Plandorex.comThis new Hydrangea is exceptional for its abundant and long lasting flowers, the reddest of Hydrangea paniculata.

Corydalis BLUE LINE® at Plandorex.comThe Flowers are deep metallic blue and the flowering period is exceptionally long.