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Several PLANDOREX members participate actively in SAPHO activities, with two beeing comitee members.

The SAPHO is an organisation responsible for the testing, selection and subsequent propagation of new varieties which are presented. Once the new varieties have been rigourously tested under certain conditions, they are published and also promoted by SAPHO.

Several lines of research govern the selection of new varieties nowadays.

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  1 - Improvement of ornamental quality

  2 - Disease resistance

  3- Improvement of growing conditions.

The phytosanitary regulations in certain countries, notably Canada, do not authorise the importation of soil.
We are therefore equiped with machinery to clean off any trace of soil from the plants, enabling compliance with the reulatory demands of thse countries.



washing step by step

 Following lifting in the field(1.) , the plant is positioned at the entry to the machine (2.) where it will be washed by high pressure jets (3.).
  The washing is finished manually by technicians(4.) who then pack it (5.) or store it.

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The stock from the different production sites is grouped together at our Saint Cyr en Val site.

The storage, packing and distibution is managed at this site where there are several cold-stores as well as packaging facilities.

Bare root storage in cold store ->



Pallets with winter protection 


The NIMP15 standard

NIMP15 pallets can be recongnized thanks to this logo. They are used to avoid diseases and insects that packaging wood can convey.

PLANDOERX sends in numerous countries where this standard is used.





Grafting at PLANDOREX

A large range of collection is produced by grafting.
To consult our entire range of grafted plants, consult our online catalogue and look for items with format code

beginning by X.

Acer palmatum et pseudoplatanusLiriodendron tulipifera Aureomarginatum at
Betula pendula
Cornus nuttalii Monarch
Corylus Contorta et Red Majestic cov
Cytisus Battandieri
Elaeagnus Gilt edge, Limelight et Maculata
Gleditsia Rubylace, Skyline et Sunburst
Laburnum wateri Vossii
And many others

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